Hello, I'm Ed Schache

My goal is to see businesses spend their IT budget as effectively as possible to drive innovation in their industry while providing a flexible, challenging and rewarding employment opportunity for myself. I achieve this by helping businesses choose the right IT implementation strategy (through analysis or rapid prototyping) for their project so they can engage an appropriate partner. My primary focus is on web technologies and their integration into the wider IT needs of the business.


With 9 years of professional experience and over 20 years of programming and general fascination with technology I love to solve problems with innovative digital solutions.


By operating as a single person company with no delivery resources to "feed" work to I am able to offer independent advice on the correct course of action that is right for your business not mine. Through my broad understanding of technology, deep technical knowledge and knowledge of the Brisbane IT market I can suggest appropriate implementation partners (or validate existing partners).

Brisbane Based

I am located near the CBD of Brisbane. For face-to-face meetings I travel anywhere within a 25km radius of the CBD. If you are outside of this area I am more than happy to work with you via Skype/phone/video conferencing. I only complete work for Australian businesses with a current/active ABN.

Implementation Strategy

With an understanding of software, infrastructure, leadership and business I can help you develop a strategy to implement new systems, maintain old systems or migrate from old to new. I can recommend technical platforms, tools, processes, methodologies and roadmaps to help you meet your business objectives with your IT systems.

Code Review

To gain an understanding of your existing code base and the opportunities for improvement I can review your current implementation and suggest a roadmap for improvement.

I have the experience and technical knowledge to deliver a wide range of other services. Please contact me to find out if I can offer the service you require.



Do you have an idea that you think can't be done in a browser?

I love hard technical problems and coming up with innovative solutions. There are some things that aren't possible on the world wide web by design (and for good reason) however there is a lot of room to explore between what everyone else is already doing and what isn't possible. Get in touch with me today to learn more.

About Me

Ed Schache

I have been interested in technology from a young age and have dedicated a lot of time and energy to learning and exploring what is possible. The increase in popularity and capability of technology, particularly the world wide web, over the past 20 years has been inspiring. Technology changes the world on a daily basis and I want to be part of this amazing evolution.

Away from the keyboard I'm a husband and father who loves cycling, running, gardening, eating great food and drinking awesome beer. For a computer geek, despite sterotypes, I have a good selection of practical skills that mean I am able to: weld, reverse a trailer, brew a beer from raw ingredients, make a good pizza, grow my own lemons and renovate a house.

Some questions you may have

What is my phone number?

Out of respect for my existing clients I do not publicly list my phone number so that I can work efficiently with minimal interruptions. If you wish to discuss something on the phone I am more than happy to call you back.

Do I have an office?

To minimise my overheads I do not maintain an office, instead working remotely or on-site with my clients. If you do not wish to meet at your business premises I am more than happy to meet somewhere with great coffee, great food or great beer.

Do I travel for work?

Due to family commitments I am currently unable to travel for work. I am happy to work remotely if that is suitable.

When am I available?

I am currently unavailable until November.

How quickly can I deliver?

I generally aim to achieve 15 hours of billable client work per week. If you require a fast turn around on a larger amount of work I may be able to accommodate your needs depending on other commitments.

What don't I do?

Due to the breadth and depth of modern technology I restrict what technologies I support. My primary focus is on current technologies, open standards and widely used commercial platforms. While I have some knowledge of legacy platforms and technologies this is not where I am able to deliver the most value.